ANALISIS PENGARUH STRUKTUR ASET DAN KEBIJAKAN DEVIDEN TERHADAP NILAI PERUSAHAAN (Study Pada Perusahaan property Yang Terdaptar di Bursa Efek Indonesia( BEI)Tahun 2013-2015)



asset structure and dividend policy to firm value


This research is intended to test the variables indevenden (Asset Structure and Dividend Policy)
which is expected to affect the dependent variable (Corporate Value) either partially or
simultaneously. To know how big influence of asset structure and dividend policy to company
value, hence in use statistic analysis tool that is SPSS 20. Technique analyze data that use is
doubled linear regression. While to test the formulation of hypothesis in use Test f and Test t.
The population of this study is a property company listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI)
period of 2012-2015 as much as 45. Samples are in use as much as 7 which is obtained by
purposive sampling technique. The data used is secondary data. F test results show that the
Asset Structure and the Dividend Policy have no effect simultaneously on firm value. This can
be proved by looking at F count> F table (1,127> 3,555) and significance level 0.881b <0.05.
While t test (partial) asset structure and dividend policy do not partially influence to company
value. Where the significance level for the asse structure of 0.855 is greater than 0.05 and the
value of t arithmetic equal to = 0.186 bigger than t table 2.10092. For dividend policy value of
significance equal to 0,505 smaller than 0,05 and t value 0,006 bigger than t table equal to


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